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  • GoPro gets real ... virtually real May 28, 2015
    NEW YORK (AP) — Shares of GoPro jumped to a five-month high Thursday after the company's CEO said the company is getting into the drone and virtual reality business.
    The Associated Press
  • Google unveils Android's latest technological tricks May 28, 2015
    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Google's next version of its Android operating system will boast new ways to fetch information, pay merchants and protect privacy on mobile devices as the Internet company duels with Apple in the quest to make their technology indispensable.
    The Associated Press
  • Google offers unlimited free storage of photos, videos May 28, 2015
    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Google is willing to store and organize all of the world's digital photos and videos for free.
    The Associated Press
  • Avago looks to grow with $37B deal for chipmaker Broadcom May 28, 2015
    NEW YORK (AP) — Avago Technologies is buying rival chipmaker Broadcom in a cash and stock deal worth about $37 billion, vastly expanding its lineup of products for the rapidly growing wireless device market at a time when sales growth has otherwise been tough to come by for smaller chipmakers.
    The Associated Press
  • FCC head unveils proposal to narrow 'digital divide' May 28, 2015
    NEW YORK (AP) — The head of the Federal Communications Commission is proposing that the government agency expand a phone subsidy program for the poor to include Internet access.
    The Associated Press